When the Bleeding Stops
Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir

Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Wartburg

Tue. 14.11. I 8.30 pm

Wed. 15.11. I 9 pm


Duration: 45 min.
Language: In English language 
Tickets: 17€/ reduced 9€

Teaser (via Vimeo)

The performance ‘When the Bleeding Stops’ by the dancer and choreographer Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir focuses on the silence and taboo that seems to surround the menopause in Western society. 

After Gunnarsdóttir sustained an injury four years ago, she was forced to reconsider her relationship to dancing and to her body. She started researching and interviewing women who were going through the menopause. She issued an open invitation to women to take part in her project. 

When the Bleeding Stops transports the audience into a world of vulnerability, shame, empathy and humour. The piece brings them into close contact with a specifically female experience and invites them to join women in laughter, crying and celebration.

Gunnarsdóttir is touring the performance internationally. At every city where she performs,  she contacts local women who are experiencing menopause and invites them to appear with her on stage in order to write a new narrative about the menopause.

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir
Technical Direction: Brett Smith
Performance: Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir, Kristjana Stefánsdóttir, Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdóttir and others 

With the support of aerowaves – dance across europe, funded by the European Union.

Photo: Owen Flene