Emanuel Gat

“I see choreography now, more like something with the logic and characteristics of a Big Bang type of event. A three- or four-dimensional fractal traveling simultaneously in all directions and dimensions.” Emanuel Gat is a radical thinker on the subject of choreography, constantly taking apart its foundations and his own way of working. The results of this research are pieces of great complexity and strength of movement. Emanuel Gat is the spotlight artist at this year's festival with no less than three works. At his side are the dancers of his

company, without whose many years of work Gat’s moving pieces would be inconceivable.


The Tanzfestival Rhein-Main shows the following pieces by Emanuel Gat:

Act II & III or The Unexpected Return Of Heaven And Earth



Supported by  Institut français und des französischen Ministeriums für Kultur- und Kommunikation / DGCA.