Want to try out the movements and methods of the festival choreographers for yourself? Our workshop programme makes it possible. With different main focuses, festival artists invite you to get to know their working methods directly and physically.


Fri. 5.11. | 7 pm
Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Ballettsaal

For participants with no previous experience.
Please bring shoes with leather soles.
Length: 120 min. In German

In the GROOVES + MOVES workshop, Sebastian Weber invites participants with no previous experience to experience the kick of tap-dancing. Using simple steps, we will feel the effect of beats and off-beats, tap into the archaic forces of rhythm and movement and find a special balance of concentration and flow, of connection and individuality. Central ideas of the tap dance tradition will be conveyed, such as the role of “time steps” and the close relationship to jazz.

The workshop is perfect for people who like to move and want to feel for themselves how it feels to create rhythm with their own body and thus synchronise with others.

Movement Lab for Parents & Children

Sat 6.11. | 3 pm
Staatstheater Darmstadt – Ballettsaal

For parents & children (6-9 years)
No dance experience necessary
Length: 120 min.
In German.

This workshop is an offer for parents to spend time with their child in a playful environment where movement is the main tool of communication. Various playful tasks are designed to stimulate the child’s imagination and to strengthen their body awareness. Raimonda Gudavičiūtė and her eight-year-old son Elias invite participants to deal with everyday movement patterns in a playful way and to discover how many more possibilities there are beyond familiar movement patterns like walking, running or playing football. A space full of freedom is created that awakens the adventurous spirit of children and parents. Together, the participants embark on an unknown, creative journey of imagination where there are many new things to discover about ourselves and our world.

Fundamentals of Physically Integrated Dance

Wed 10.11. | 7 pm
Staatstheater Darmstadt – Ballettsaal

Length: 90 Min.
In English with German translation

The workshop offers a unique opportunity to get to know the basic working methods of the AXIS Dance Company in person. The company is one of the best-known ensembles for dancers with and without disabilities in the USA and has developed its very own movement practice that focuses on the physical conditions and abilities of its members and at the same time expands them. AXIS dancers will teach the basics of this "Physically Integrated Dance" based on improvisation, creative movement instructions and modern dance techniques. The focus lies on exploring a variety of movement approaches. The workshop is aimed at adults with and without physical disabilities, with and without dance experience.