Rui Horta

Frankfurt LAB – Halle 1 

Thurs. 2.11. I 7.30 pm, World Premiere, followed by the Opening Party  

Fri. 3.11. I 7 pm, 6.30 pm Warm-up 

Sat. 4.11. I 7 pm, followed by Meet the Artist 


Duration: 60 min 
Tickets: 25 € / reduced 12 €  

Rui Horta, whose practice also includes lighting and stage design as well as opera direction, is regarded as one of the most influential choreographers of his generation. In 1991 he founded the legendary dance company S.O.A.P at the Mousonturm, which had a lasting influence on the Frankfurt dance scene. Now, with CORE, Rui Horta returns to Frankfurt and examines nothing less than the essence of human co-existence. What constitutes collectivity? How can collectivity be created? And what role is played in this process by the voice, song, the body and movement?  

Rui Horta invites people with and without previous dance experience on to the stage to explore these questions with him through recitation, song, music and dance, devising a sonic landscape of voices and bodies that moves both the audience and the performers.   

Concept, Choreography, Music, Lighting Design: Rui Horta
Choreographic Assistance: Nira Priore Nouak
Artistic Production Management: Andreas Jahncke 
Internship Tanzplattform Rhein Main: Kira Desch
Vocal Coach: Brigitte Leistikow

Dance: Anica Haubrich, Anita Weissenberger, Anke Bender, Anke Herforth, Annette Weronek,  Antonina Shepeleva, Astrid Sellhorn-Timm, Carola Hübler, Ellen Eckhardt, Heike Keller, Heinz Eckhardt, Henrike Zimmermann, Irina Fedorova, Karin Blachnik, Katharina Dubno, Katharina Planchart, Katja Faier, Katrin Retzlaff, Klaus Lengefeld, Lakshmy Arvind, Laurent Bonnaud, Lisa Knoch, Luca Lisowski, Mar Kühn, Marita Reichert, Natalia-Danai Koutrolikou, Olivia Bonechi, Panamá Vergara, Paula Grzesiek, Peggy Grace, Petra Kehl, Rolf Birkholz, Sadid Khaksari, Stefania Sina, Svitlana Becker, Tessa Zimmermann, Ulrich-Irato Hildmann, Ulrike Greb, Vanessa Bernhardt, Yanna Vick

Core is a production by Hessisches Staatsballett and Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm in the frame of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main. With the support of Schauspiel Frankfurt. 

Photo: Lumen