Insight into Oona Doherty’s Work
Oona Doherty 

Sun. 5.11. I 11-13 h I Staatstheater Wiesbaden I Ballettsaal 
Language: English
Participation: 14 €

Oona Doherty is the Spotlight Artist at this year’s Tanzfestival Rhein-Main. The festival programme includes three of her pieces, which are like seimsographs that record the emotional tenor of life in our time while interweaving a variety of influences and movement forms: Doherty’s experiences of growing up in Belfast, urban gestures, club culture feature alongside contemporary and classical dance. Doherty’s works manage to create remarkable qualities full of both strength and vulnerability. A two-hour workshop offers the opportunity to find out more about Oona Doherty’s work as a choreographer and to experience it in direct, physical terms.  

Participation is open to young people aged 13 and over and adults, no previous experience necessary.