Dancing Wheels - Ride Sharing

The Tanzfestival Rhein-Main moves you. Not just on stage, but also between the region’s cities. For obvious environmental reasons, we recommend taking public transportation to the festival performances. If you are travelling alone or driving by car you can find or offer a ride to other dance enthusiasts though our website. To facilitate the organization, the Tanzfestival Rhein-Main is working together with BesserMitfahren. No registration is required and it’s free of charge. Tires will dance!


And it's that easy

Search for a ride:
Select start and destination, search for rides, select the appropriate trip and contact the driver, make a meeting point, negotiate a thank-you for a fuel subsidy or a break drink and ride along.

Offer a ride:
Select start and destination, offer a ride, specify details of start, finish and time, enter protected contact information and wait for requests. Arrange Meeting point and on into the dancing crowd!