Alessandro Schiattarella 

Frankfurt LAB – Halle 1

Mon. 13.11. I 7 pm, followed by Meet the Artists 

Tue. 14.11. I 7 pm, followed by Small Talk  


Für young people aged 12 years and above and adults.  

Duration: 60 min.
Language: German, Italian and English spoken language with German surtitles.   

The performance takes place with integrated audio description in spoken German as well as a haptic tour. The haptic tour starts approx. 30 minutes before the start of the performance and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. The meeting point is in the foyer of the Frankfurt LAB.

Relaxed Performance 

Tickets: 17 €/ reduced 8 € 

A word is broken down into individual syllables. Or it becomes the chorus of a song about fragility itself. Because anyone who says the word “zerbrechlich“(fragile), is paying it special attention and lending it a particular beauty. With ZER-BRECH-LICH, the choreographer Alessandro Schiattarella has created a piece that tells of the diversity of bodies. The three disabled performers Victoria Antonova, Alice Giuliani and Laila White explore their own and other identities. They try out sounds and clothes – looking for the ultimate pop moment. On stage we witness a glamorous concert – or perhaps something else entirely?

The piece uses both dance and text, sounds and objects to demonstrate how engaging with one’s own fragility can also become a political statement, a vision of special awareness. It encourages new experiences: we know what something breaking sounds like. But what does something being protected from breaking sound like? 

Direction, Choreography: Alessandro Schiattarella 
Musical Direction: Richard Schwennicke 
Performance: Alice Giuliani, Victoria Antonova, Laila White 
Stage Design: Margarete Albinger 
Dramaturgy: Martin Mutschler 
Production Management: Terry Blühdorn 
Audience Development: Matthias Brandt, Daniel Riedel 
Songwriting: Gina Été 
Costumes: Giulia Marcotullio
Photos: Clemens Heidrich

A co-production between Staatsoper Hannover, Schauspiel Hannover and Festival Theaterformen in co-operation with Theaterakademie Hamburg.
Funded through the Federal Cultural Foundation’s Jupiter programme. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. 

Photo: Clemens Heidrich