The following performances are omitted due to the new Corona measures

Sun 15.11. | 4 pm & 7.30 pm
Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Kleines Haus

Language no problem
Length: 50 Min.

Together Alone is a solo in dancing together, which counter the individual loneliness with the power of being together. Deprived of all external concealments and decorations, the two of them return to theprimitive in dance and face each other with the most naked selves.In this intimate space and time, they communicate with each other and learn to move forward through compromises and cooperation. Through constant giving and receiving,they explore the invisible border between the seemingly close bodies. By consistently linking up and then separating, they find harmony in conflict and again trigger conflict in harmony.Through unceasingly merging, transferring, destruction, and then reconstruction.... eventually, they squarely face their respective loneliness, together.


Choreography & Performance: Chen-Wei Lee, Zoltán Vakulya
Stage: Ding-Yeh Wang
Lighting Design: Cheng-Yuan Wang, Joanne Shyue
Music: Yamila Rios, SHENG, Chloé-Rose Cutler, Clarinet Factory, Benny Goodman 


Commissioned by the National Performing Arts Centre, Taiwan.

Fotos: Lucas Kao