FLY!/Spiritual Boyfriends
Markéta Stránská/Núria Guiu Sagarra


Thur 12.11. | 7 pm
Fri 13.11. | 7 pm Artists´ Talk after the performance
Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Kleines Haus

This double-bill in the Kleines Haus in Wiesbaden is dedicated to the works of two dance choreographers with an interest in the cultural influences on the body.

In her dance solo FLY! the performer, choreographer and physiotherapist Markéta Stránská explores how narrowing the mobility of our support structure affects our physical and mental stability. She translates the experience of dealing with physical limitations to fundamental life questions related to mastering challenges, having the courage to pursue unusual goals, and changing prevailing stereotypes. Stránská demonstrates that every divergence, both physical and mental, offers enriching and simultaneously unique opportunities. Every obstacle is an invitation to awaken our creativity, playfulness and imagination. FLY! – a physical life experience with one leg, a prosthetic leg and two crutches.

Spiritual Boyfriends is a solo performance about body-power relationships and their structures. The work of Núria Guiu Sagarra is based on an iconographic investigation of the historical construction of yoga postures as well as autobiographical material around the subject of affection and desire. In a discourse about spirituality, Sagarra reveals categories such as power and control as reciprocal forces that are both imposed on and intrinsically generated by bodies. Digitally, she creates an additional space in which impulses are released in a drug-like manner in the form of a collective psychotropic, evoking the notion of the soul as a divine entity that releases the materiality of the body in a fleeting, virtual, informative, and energetic way. At the same time, it raises questions about the role of the Internet with its techniques of control and surveillance in relation to the divine, to immateriality, love, power, and to neoliberal politics.

Spiritual Boyfriends
Direction & performer: Núria Guiu Sagarra
Artistic advisors: Esther Freixa, Sónia Gómez
Dramaturgic advisor: Lluc Ubach
Stage design & costume advisor: Lola Belles
Photo & video: Alice Brazzit
Light design: Joana Serra
Tecnic assistance: Sergio Roca
Manager: Fani Benages


Co-production: Grec Festival of Barcelona, La Briqueterie CDCN du Val de Marne, Paris. Residency at: Sala Hiroshima- Barcelona, La Caldera Les Corts- Barcelona, Graner - Sants Montjuic- Barcelona, Cra’p- Mollet del Vallès, La Briqueterie CDCN du Val e Marne- Paris. Núria Guiu Sagarra is associated artist at: Graner- Barcelona, Thanks to: Claudia Mirambell, Alicia Kopf, Telemanrec, Carles Decors, Claudia Brufau, Søren Evinson.

Interpretation, choreography: Markéta Stránská
Musik: Jan Kratochvíl
Lightdesign: Zuzana Režná
Costume and stage design: Monika Urbášková
Creative process advisors: Lucia Kašiarová, Jean Gaudin, Karine Ponties 
Production: Radmila Krásenská, Markéta Stránská
Thanks to Lukáš Houdek, Sára Arnstein, Alexandra Hennig
Graphic design: Tomáš Bárta 


Supported by: Ministry of culture Czech republic, Nadace život umělce, Nadace Charty 77 – Konto Bariéry andcity Hradec Králové. Co-production: Studio ALTA. Partners: Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA, French Institute in Prague, Drak Theatre and The International Institute of Figurative Theatre, Společenské centrum Trutnov UFFO, Centrum nezávislej kultury Záhrada.