Spiritual Boyfriends is a solo performance about body-power relationships and their structures. The piece by Spanish choreographer Núria Guiu Sagarra is based on an iconographic investigation of the historical construction of yoga postures as well as autobiographical material around the themes of affection and desire. Sagarra reveals categories such as power and control to be reciprocal forces that are both imposed on and intrinsically generated by bodies. Shifting between digitality and trippy impulse release, the notion of the soul as a divine entity that releases the materiality of the body in various ways is evoked, as are questions about the role of the Internet in relation to the divine, immateriality, love, power, and neoliberal politics with its techniques of control and surveillance.

Direction & Performance: Núria Guiu Sagarra
Artistic Advisors: Esther Freixa, Sónia Gómez
Dramaturgical Advisor: Lluc Ubach
Set Design and Costume Advisor: Lola Belles
Photos & Video: Alice Brazzit
Lighting: Joana Serra
Technical Assistant: Sergio Roca
Manager: Fani Benages 

Partners & Supporters

Residenzen: Sala Hiroshima – Barcelona, La Caldera Les Corts – Barcelona, Graner – Sants Montjuic, Barcelona, Cra’p – Mollet del Vallès, La Briqueterie CDCN du Val e Marne – Paris. Núria Guiu Sagarra is associated artist of: Graner – Barcelona, granerbcn.cat

With thanks to: Claudia Mirambell, Alicia Kopf, Telemanrec, Carles Decors, Claudia Brufau, Søren Evinson


Photo: Alice Brazzit