Triple Bill: Flora Hereafter: how flowers survive/Hold Fast/ Roots Above Ground


Mon. 8.11. | 7 pm
Tue. 9.11. | 7.30 pm - German Sign Language Interpretation during show; Artist Talk after the show; presented by Anna Wagner

Flora Hereafter: how flowers survive/Hold Fast /Duration  30 Minuten - 15 Minuten Break
Roots Above Ground / Duration 45 Minuten

Frankfurt LAB - Halle 1




Early Boarding - 30 minutes prior to the show, Relaxed Performance

The AXIS Dance Company from Oakland is one of the most renowned ensembles for dancers with and without disabilities. With its physically powerful, artistically versatile dance evenings, it inspires people around the world and expands the understanding of dance and disability. As part of the dance festival, the company will present three pieces in one evening. This triple bill will be opened by Roots Above Ground, the latest work of artistic director Marc Brews. The piece explores the human need to belong and how this relates to our own experience and perceiving. It is followed by Flora Hereafter: how flowers survive, an alt waltz about extinction and flowers growing on edges. How is it to move through a constantly changing world? Asks Hold Fast and explores how we can expend forces, yield, or surrender to ever-changing landscapes while experiencing change as a constant.

Roots Above Ground
Choreographer | Marc Brew
Dancers | Yuko Monden Juma, DeMarco Sleeper, Sonsherée Giles, JanpiStar
Music Composition | Miles Lassi
Set and Costume Design | Emma Kingsbury
Lighting Design / Production Manager | Walter Holden
Projection Design | Jaco Strydom
Film/Video | RAPT Productions
ASL Consultants | Zahna Simon and Antoine Hunter
Audio Description | Gravity Access Services
Community Partner | East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

Flora Hereafter: how flowers survive
Choreographer: Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco
Dancers: DeMarco Sleeper, Erik Debono, JanpiStar, Louisa Mann, Sonsherée Giles, Yuko Monden Juma
Music: Neve Mazique-Bianco, Fell In Love by Jen Wood, Glass Vase Cello Case by Tattle Tale, Snowfell Summer by Bonfire Madigan
Music Producer: Erik Debono
Costume Design: Rashad Pridgen
Costume Construction: Jamielyn Duggan
Lighting Design: Walter Holden


Hold Fast
Choreographer: Sonsherée Giles
Dancers: DeMarco Sleeper, Erik Debono, JanpiStar, Louisa Mann, Sonsherée Giles, Yuko Monden Juma
Music Composition and Performance: Caroline Penwarden
Music Electronics: Darren Gaines
Costume Design: Sonsherée Giles
Lighting Design: Walter Holden


Photos: Maurice Rodriguez and David de Silva