Tim Plegge / Hessisches Staatsballett

Fri 29.10. | 7.30 pm - 7 pm Introduction
Thurs 4.11. | 7.30 pm - 7 pm Introduction
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Großes Haus

Length: approx. 90 min.

Torn apart, beings swirl through the vortex under an unknown firmament. Memories rise up and protect against atomisation. Fragments of life, tangible as they disappear. Once space-time divided, they evaporate, these particles, in an instant of eternity. The end harbours a magic in its beginning. Caesuras, these islands in the constant flow of passing. Pauses for breath in a perpetual being. In his new creation memento, Tim Plegge – house choreographer of the Hessian State Ballet, adresses the idea of letting go and of deriving strength from fear, grief and death. Without depicting concrete situations, Plegge creates a roundel that shows human beings and their ability to transform out of moments of crisis. A call to become as aware of one’s mortality, as well of the preciousness of life. And a celebration of the moment between “memento mori” and “memento vivere”.

Language: German
Choreography: Tim Plegge
Musical Director: Johannes Zahn
Music: Max Richter, Roald Baudoux, Peer Baierlein
Stage: Andreas Auerbach
Lighting: Tanja Rühl
Costumes: Judith Adam
Projections: Frieder Weiss
Aerial Object: Frank Fierke
Dramaturgy: Lucas Herrmann

A Production of the Hessian State Ballet.


Photos: De-Da productions