Two-part ballet evening by Alexander Whitley and Sharon Eyal/Gai Behar

Sun 1.11. | 6 pm
Staatstheater Darmstadt – Großes Haus


The following performances are omitted due to the new Corona measures

Fri 6.11. | 7.30 pm - Premiere
Sun 8.11. | 6 pm
Wed 11.11. | 7.30 pm
Sat 14.11. | 7.30 pm
Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Großes Haus

In the double bill Horizonte, the Hessische Staatsballett presents two strong contemporary dance positions: the commissioned piece The Butterfly Effect (AT) by British choreographer Alexander Whitley and Untitled Black by Israeli Sharon Eyal. This is a meeting of elementary forces of dance, whose aggregate states could not be more opposite. Inspired by the Butterfly Effect of chaos theory, Whitley has created a dynamic space of flowing movement that unfolds from the light flap of wings into a hurricane. On the other hand, Eyal has used her unmistakable choreographic signature to create an atmospherically dense, energetically charged dance, whose ecstatically thumping beats hammer themselves into awareness. The choreographies reveal humanity caught up in the alternating forces of spirit and matter, in the ambivalence of an existence as both creature and machine. In this conflicting field of extremes, the dancers move between two poles interconnected in their incompatibility.

The Butterfly Effect (AT)
Choreography:  Alexander Whitley
Music: Ryan Lee West (aka Rival Consoles) 
Lighting Design: Guy Hoare
Dramaturgy: Lucas Herrmann

Untitled Black
Choreography: Sharon Eyal
Co-Creation: Gai Behar
Music: Ori Lichtik
Lighting Design: Bueno Avi Yona (Bambi)
Choreographic Assistants: Olivia Ancona, Lotem Regev
Costumes: Maayan Goldman

Rehearsals Directors, Choreographic Assistants: Uwe Fischer, Jaione Zabala

Photos: De-Da Productions


A production of the Hessische Staatsballett.