Sat 16.11., 11.00 h + 13.00 h



approx. 45 Minutes

Admission free

In breakdance, dance battles are a standard form of competition in which dancers demonstrate their abilities in various categories in front of a jury while comparing themselves to others. In the Tanzfestival Rhein-Main context, we are inviting everyone to a dance battle of a special kind. Dancers from different styles and genres meet here. In contrast to a conventional breakdance battle, they don’t know who they will form a team with and what music will be played in the respective battle. The audience decides who makes it to the next round. 

Artistic Direction: Daniel Schauf

Dance: Aaron Schröder, Gal Feffermann, Christian Meusel, Adam Shpira, Nene Okada, Tom Diener, Guillermo de la Chica, Steven Höhn, Luciano Baptiste, John Tewelde, Miriam Markl, David Klockare, Sarro (Suzuran Crew), Light (trucru),  Evie Poaros,  Suwako Tanaka,  Nathalie Gehrmann, u.a.


Perforamance in cooperation with: Amt für Kultur- und Sportmanagement Offenbach am Main


Fotos: Jessica Schäfer