Danza Contemporánea de Cuba
Julio César Iglesias / Fleur Darkin / George Céspedes


Sat 9.11., 19.00 h

Sun 10.11., 16.00 h


Hessisches Staattheater Wiesbaden - Kleines Haus

approx. 120 Minutes

Danza Contemporánea de Cuba looks back on over 50 years of history; in many ways, it is a reflection of the island state and its peoples. Since dance in Cuba is valued so highly, more than in almost any other country in the world, this company is particularly treasured. Their incomparable aesthetic profile is based on Cuban modern dance techniques that were influenced by an African and Spanish heritage; it connects the most diverse dance styles. In addition to the piece Equilux by the British Fleur Darkin, the ensemble will show the choreography COIL by Julio César Iglesias at the Tanzfestival Rhein-Main. Iglesias belongs to the leading dance makers in Cuba. His works, which are in the repertoire of numerous top-level international contemporary dance companies, have received many awards. The program ends with George Céspedes’ Mambo 3XXI, in which the choreographer seeks the core of Cuban cultural tradition through the example of Mambo.


Choreography & Costumes: Julio César Iglesias
Music: Hangedup, Arron Family, Nina Simone, Fordom, Monoloc, Wardruna Lichtdesign
Light Design: Fernando Alonso



Choreography: Fleur Darkin
Music: Torben Sylvest
Light Design: Emma Jones
Costumes: Vladimir Cuenca Mambo



Choreography & Costumes: George Céspedes
Music: Beny Moré, Nacional Electrónica
Light Design: Erick Grass
Dance: Danza Contemporánea de Cuba


Photos: Alfredo Izquierdo Mesa