Islam Elnebishy, Max Levy, Zoë Schreckenberg and Hannah Shakti Bühler

The Choreographic Workshop has established itself as a regular fixture in the Rhine-Main region. Four times a year, it offers the opportunity to discover the latest developments in the dance scene. Dance-makers give insights into pieces and projects they are currently working on. This year, three artists from the region will once again provide a short introduction into their working processes during the dance festival. No matter whether they be preliminary conceptual ideas, rough sketches or already polished dramaturgies - the artists will show 15-minute excerpts of what is currently in motion for them. At the same time, the workshop is an opportunity for the artsits to emerge from their creative "shell" at an early stage and to develop projects, which will fill the stages of the Rhine-Main region in the future, in exchange with the audience.

Islam Elnebishy
I'm not talking to you

In this performance, we discover what it means to be online, and how that reflects on our identities,how this communication with/through the screen affects our being and ways of communication. What ideas and impressions do we make about others while meeting them online? What assumptions do we make about them? Are we the same version of ourselves when we are online,act online, talk, meet people ,react,fight ? and how to proceed?

Direction: Islam Elnebishy
Performers: Ameyalli gutierrez ,Ahmed Abdallah, Sophie Mansour, Luka, Mahmoud Sami, Nadine Essmat
and Islam Elnebishy

Islam Elnebishy is a Dance maker and choreographer, based between Germany and Egypt.
-He is a current student in the Choreography and performance master’s program(CUP)
Giessen, Germany.
-A graduate of Maat|CCDC contemporary dance school 2019
He has created and choreographed the following performances:
- "Taking Place" Project
-Don't watch, Online Performance
-Go back to your seat, Please!
-Once, it was a dream
-Troubled Butterflies
-Again and again and again
-He directed 2 short dance films: "Until it’s Monday" and "Intersected spaces"

Max Levy
A Song Without Words + Sleepdancing

I will present a mix of works, reflecting on my recent film, and the research behind my current process. A Song Without Words is about isolation, escapism and dependence, filmed in spring 2021. This work was a difficult time, and my gratitude for the team lies at the center of the presentation. Meanwhile, my future sits with Sleepdancing, a dance-hypnosis film guiding its viewers to sleep. After a recent research period, I will discuss the technical tests and influences we encountered, leading into a creation period in the next months.

Born in Tokyo, Max Levy completed his training at the prestigious San Francisco Ballet. As a dancer, he was most recently engaged as a soloist with Ballett Staatstheater Nürnberg between where he danced works by Crystal Pite, William Forsythe, and Ohad Naharin, among others. He now works as an international freelance dancer and choreographer based in Frankfurt, bringing a meditative approach to athletic, movement-driven works in a world of detached fantasy.

Zoë Schreckenberg 
Foot to Head

The dance piece (working title:) "Foot to Head" deals with the musicality and rhythm of aggression. Violence depictions in films serve as a source of inspiration, based on film stunt choreographies. In the context of movement, the project explores the extent to which dance components such as rhythm, expression and spatiality can be fused with the techniques of cinematic stunt fighting. A dance style is developed that results from the interplay of the partner work of dance and film stunt, as well as reflecting and attempting to resolve inner tensions of the individual in different ways in the form of confrontation.

Zoë Schreckenberg is a German choreographer and filmmaker. Her artistic work deals with the medium of stage and film and is influenced by her contemporary dance training as well as combat methods and film stunts. In 2015 she successfully completed her Bachelor's degree in Theater, Film and Media Studies at the Main University of Vienna and received her dance education through intensive movement programs in different dance institutions and festivals in Europe.

Hannah Shakti Bühler 
Somatic Taranta: hybrids on rhythm, rapture and remorse 

Somatic Taranta: hybrids on rhythm, rapture and remorse is a contemporary performative ritual combining dance, live music and song: a dance concert of revived breaths, vibrations and affects bringing contemporary dance in dialogue with the so called ‘pizzica tarantata’ dances and songs of the south italian tarantism traditions. To give an insight into the working process today we will share a lecturing ritual allowing past and present to coexist in a sound and movement landscape of collective mournings, a rite of liberation, reviving a sense of resistance to a world that isolates, instead cultivating new forms of coexistence.  

Concept and Choreography: Hannah Shakti Bühler 
Online: Hannah Shakti Bühler, Marialuisa Capurso, Michele Ciccimarra, Agnes Distelberger, Laure Dupont, Veronica Garzon, Erika Schipa, Valerio Porleri, Andrea De Siena, Massimiliano Morabito.
Images from the documentary La Taranta by Diego Carpintella.
Special thanks to Veronica Garzon and Simon Mayer.
Photography: Mili November

Born in Germany but grown up in Italy, Hannah studied contemporary dance at Laban Trinity College in London, obtaining her BA(Hons) Dance Theatre in 2006. Her performance practice has led her to work between others with Retina Dance Co. in UK, Centro Coreografico Galego in Spain and T.r.a.s.h. DansPerformanceGroup in Holland. As choreographic assistant she works with Cisco Aznar at Opera de Lausanne, Opera de Dijon, Circus School Fratellini in Paris and FolkOperan Stockholm.

In 2015 she graduates from MACoDE (Master in Contemporary Dance Education) at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. 

In September 2016 she began teaching at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main in the acting department, researching transfers from somatic practices to performative states. Since September 2018 she is Professor for Contemporary Dance at the BAtanz, with an emphasis on transfers between somatic practices to contemporary dance. 

In 2015 she co-founds Hicks&Bühler, a choreographic collaboration with Laura Hicks, creating Reaching Towards... (2017) and Der Klumpen (2018) and Strange Loops(2019).


Photos: Mili November and others