Choreografische Werkstatt


Fri 03.11., 17.00 h

Staatstheater Darmstadt - Kammerspiele

approx. 90 Minutes

Many choreographic talents exist in the Rhine-Main area. Choreografische Werkstatt, which is regularly organized by the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, offers the opportunity to discover these talents and their works, and enter into an exchange with them. In the context of the dance festival, dance creators from the region offer an insight into the pieces that they are currently working on. No matter whether these are first ideas, rough sketches or already polished choreographies, the artists show what moves them in 15 minute excerpts – and we see what will be shown on the stages of the Rhine-Main area in the future.


Carina Premer I 37 (excerpt)
Dramaturgical support by Anneliese Ostertag and Hanna Steinmeier
37 is a solo which deals with the relation between concrete space and concrete body, between watching and being watched, and the absent present of the stage space. It takes place in the left-overs of the previous performance which is present in the traces of its past and it offers an imagination of some thing which is still to come. The grey takes over the space, everything is in-between. The spectator experiences 37 minutes of form and movement in different scales and distances and a dance which leaves behind the blurred outlines of what is not present.
Duration: excerpt of approx. 15 minutes 

Eri Funahashi Geen I the whole piece
The work in progress is inspired by the “Heart Sutra,” which states, “Form is empty, emptiness is form.” If all of what exists is empty, as the Heart Sutra says, what does it mean to exist? If something like the body and mind are not substantial, but concepts constructed by human thinking, does corporeality matter in determining existence? If all of what one thinks exist are constructs, is life a fiction? If life’s a fiction and there is “no aging and death,” how to perceive the tears that run down from the eyes on the occasion of such happening? This very emotion neither exists? Facing such questions, this artistic research questions what form, or existence is and explores what emptiness may mean. The process of the research entails the dismantling of form, or physical objects in search of other possibilities for the form to take shape in time and space.

Mareike Buchmann I Spuren spüren oder In Bewegung orientieren (research project)
Sensing, I turn inward, following the trail of sensation.
The track itself, how does it work, since when do I follow it? What do I find if I continue to follow her and what could happen if I reorient myself and follow a new track? Do I find myself or do I find myself different and who says if I'll ever know myself completely? The research project is part of my artistic dissertation, in which I pursue the question of how we orient ourselves "in motion". The focus is on somatic-based movement research rooted in the practice and thinking of contemporary dance and associated with a somatic perspective.
Duration 15 min

De-Da Productions (Zachary Chant & Denislav Kanev) I ∞
Drawing inspiration from Bach’s Goldberg variations, ∞ reflects upon the purity of existence, and the cyclical, yet contradictory way in which life and death lead to, and become one another.
Concept: Zachary Chant & Denislav Kanev; Dancer: Ramon John

Photo: Jörg Baumann