Tue. 8.11. | 7.30 pm.

Wed. 9.11. | 7 p.m.

Staatstheater Wiesbaden - kleines Haus

No language skills required
German premiere


Wed. 9.11. | 12 p.m. Workshop Gaga for Dancers with Chen-Wei Lee


“Everyone leads a double life,” said the Dutch sociologist Fred L. Polak in 1961. Today, however, our lives are multiple, in numerous platforms, spaces and places, and we encounter any number of people online and off. Our self seems to consist of a mosaic of identities – always available, always present.

In Burnt the duo LEE/VAKULYA, made up of the dancers Chen-Wei Lee and Vakulya Zoltan, look into this exhausted state of continual presence and simultaneous existences. With two dancers and the sound artist Gryllus Abris they have developed a multilayered piece that confronts the audience with simultaneous and apparently contradictory movement qualities. Tempo increases while falling apart. The choreography resembles a sinking ship – always in motion, never centered, continually subject to the swell of the waves. A devitalizing state that takes time and space away from one’s own creative unfolding.

Choreography: LEE/VAKULYA
Director: Vakulya Zoltan
Dance: Chen-Wei Lee, Esse Vanderbrugge, Charlotte Petersen
Dramaturgy: Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx
Lighting design: Bert Van Dijck, Xavi Moreno
Sound design: Gryllus Abris
Costumes: Eric Tsai
Production: Kunstencentrum Nona
Set: Ding Yeh Wang


A co-production by the Hessisches Staatsballett for the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, Kunstencentrum Nona Mechelen, STUK Leuven, CCNR Lyon, Taiwan National Theater, L’animal l’escena Girona, Thor Studios Brussels, Vooruit Ghent, Workshop Foundation Budapest.

Photo: Mael G Lagadec