Burnt [the eternal long now]

Tue. 8.11. | 7.30 pm.

Wed. 9.11. | 7 p.m.

Staatstheater Wiesbaden - kleines Haus

No language skills required
German premiere


Wed. 9.11. | 12 p.m. Workshop Gaga for Dancers with Chen-Wei Lee


In Burnt [the eternal long now], LEE\VAKULYA choreo­grap­hi­cally explores burnout as a collec­tive, social phenomenon. In a relent­less drive of action and effort, three dancers burn their energy into a danced rat race—a dance that mirrors a widely shared feeling of unrest and exhaus­tion. 
Although a very lonely experience, burnout is a social phenomenon that we collec­ti­vely endure, but also unwillingly allow and sustain. Burnt brings it to the foreground as a shared problem that shouldn’t remain confined to private spheres, as if taboo. We don’t burnout en masse because of personal flaws, kids, or an unexpected loss, but because overwork, overwhelm and anxiety are structural to how our lives are built. Never have we been so busy, and never has our future been more hopeless. Capita­list economy, when left unleashed by politics, generates a systemic overdrive that doesn’t only push social bonds and mental health toward disinte­gra­tion, but also atrophies our imagina­tion, and obviously destroys natural environ­ments. Taking this reality as point of departure, Zoltan Vakulya and Chen-Wei Lee created a dance that explores extreme fatigue in relation to others. Chen-Wei Lee, Charlotte Petersen and Esse Vander­bruggen drive themselves into exhaus­tion, both together and alone. Sweat and determi­na­tion are shared, eagerness feeds even more eagerness, and drives their common motor into overheat. The question we are left with is if the beauty of their efforts to support each other doesn’t tragically trigger their collec­tive downfall.

Choreography: LEE/VAKULYA
Director: Zoltán Vakulya
Dance: Chen-Wei Lee, Esse Vanderbruggen, Charlotte Petersen
Dramaturgy: Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx, Zoltán Vakulya 
Lighting design: Bert Van Dijck, Xavi Moreno
Sound design: Gryllus Abris
Production: kunstencentrum nona
Consultation stage: Ding-Yeh Wang
Music: Gryllus Abris
Consultation costumes: Eric Tsai


Eine Koproduktion von STUK (Leuven), CCNR (Lyon), Tanzplattform Rhein Main (Wiesbaden), National Theater & Concert Hall (Taipei) Residenzen am kunstencentrum nona, VIERNULVIER Ghent, Thor Brussels, L'animal a L'esquena Celra, State Theater Darmstadt, Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts. Mit der Unterstützung von Flemish Culture Ministry of Belgium, Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation, Sunny Weng

Photo: Mael G Lagadec, Zoltán Vakulya