Felix Berner

Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Studio 

Thrus. 16.11. I 10 am

Sat. 18.11. I 2 pm & 4 pm 


Duration: 40 min.
Tickets: ab 6,60€
For people aged 2 years and above 

Teaser (via Vimeo)

Hands feeling around in the air as softly as raindrops. Sand trickling onto the floor. Blue plastic bottles standing next to each other in a line and two watering cans that seem to be talking to each other. In blue the young audience aged two and over experiences the special connection between water and movement. 

The dancer and choreographer Felix Berner has created a wonderfully light world in his piece, as if everything is floating in water. The three dancers dive, paddle and swim around. The water goes plop, it trickles and splashes. Not only does everything sound and look like water, the play is all about this life-giving element.

Water covers 71 per cent of the earth’s surface. It flows, evaporates or turns into ice as hard as stone. Water is used every day. It comes from the sky and can also be found equally deep below the ground. People both fear and love the power of water.  

In the year of water, which is associated with the Chinese sign of the rabbit, the Hessisches Staatsschauspiel and Hessische Staatsballett have come together to dedicate a production to this special element, in which the very youngest audiences set off on a voyage of discovery in unfamiliar waters.  

Direction: Felix Berner
Stage & Costume Design: Christin Vahl
Composition: Jan-S. Beyer
Dramaturgy: Luisa Schumacher
Dance Development: Nira Priore Nouak
Dance: Patric Neves Lindström, Adam Shpira-Lintner, Sophie Pompe

A coproduction by JUST and the Hessische Staatsballett.

Photo: Lena Obst