The following performances are omitted due to the new Corona measures

Fri 6.11. | 7.30 pm
Sat 8.11. | 4 pm
Staatstheater Darmstadt – Großes Haus

Length: ca. 120 min.

Life begins and ends with the human breath. Breathing is an act of constant exchange. We breathe in and absorb the world within ourselves. We breathe out and give something of ourselves back to the world. Breathe gives rise to music and movement. The time between two breaths can be that moment of pause from which something new arises. Lungs and breath are fragile, as COVID19 demonstrates.

"I can't breathe" - George Floyd’s last statement has become the banner under which millions of Black people have been demonstrating over the last months for more opportunities, more respect, against discrimination and racist violence, for more air to breathe.

Together with an ensemble of dancers, singers and musicians, choreographer Nadia Beugré, musical director Daniel Cohen and artistic director Karsten Wiegand have woven a web of dance and music, which explores from various perspectives how breathing can lead from I to we, how perception and community can evolve with each new breath.

Zouglou Makers, C sa ki va tuer, arrangiert für Orchester von Stefan Schulze (2015)
Szene: Cité des gents (Die Stadt der Menschen)Improvisation: Thomas Guei und Georg Festl
Galina Ustwolskaja, Dona nobis pacem für Piccoloflöte, Tuba und Klavier (1970 – 71)
Szene: Les multi-nationales (Die multinationalen Konzerne)
Szene: Frontières / Grenzen
Robert Schumann, Finale aus Ouvertüre, Scherzo und Finale (18 41)
Puls (Solo-Horn, Entwicklung und Umsetzung: Juliane Baucke)
Morton Feldman, Rothko Chapel für Sopran, Alt, gemischten Chor und Instrumente (1971)
Komposition und Improvisation: Thomas Guei
Szene: Sans souffle (Atemlos)
Espoir 2000, Diarrhée économique
Szene: Les maux (Die Schmerzen)
Charles Ives, The unanswered question (1906 / 1935)
Herztöne (Solo-Horn, Entwicklung und Umsetzung: Juliane Baucke)
Gustav Mahler Sinfonie Nr. 2 c-Moll, 4. Satz Urlicht (1893)
Szene: Le vivants et les ressucités (Die Lebenden und die Wiedergeborenen)
Szene: Improvisation
Petit yodé et l’enfant siro, Victoire, arrangiert von Jonathan Keren (2000)

Photos: Nils Heck & Isabel Machado Rios


Made possible by the generous support of the Institut français and the French Ministry for Culture / DGCA